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Missing Functionality to cleanup

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Things to add that are missing.


a). The capability to view firewall exceptions for cleanup in a layout similar to add/remove progs.

Mark all firewall exceptions that are enabled/disabled with an indicator telling me that the

application associated with an exception can't be found.


I removed Nero 7 Sipps using Nero clean. It left the firewall exception called "phone" enabled

in the firewall although the Nero Sipps software had been removed. Thus, the security audit

event logs for the OS software keeps recording the firewall exception in the logs althouh the

application has been deleted.


Place this functionality in CCleaner under the add/remove and startup screens as Firewall Exception



b ). The capability to view startup files that are enabled/disabled by marking startup entries

whereby the application doesn't exist since it was deleted.


I removed Nero all together using Nero cleanup, but it didn't remove some startup entries although

the application doesn't exist anymore.


Place this functionality in CCleaner under the current startup display button.


c). The capability to view and remove leftover services that haven't been removed from the startup list

although the application has been removed.


I removed Nero using nero cleanup, however, the Nero indexing service wasn't removed although

the application was removed. Another variation is that the service was removed, but the application



Place this functionality in the CCleaner under the add/remove and startup display area as another

button called Services.


d). the capability to view and remove leftover BHO objects for the browser although the files associated

with the browser have been removed.


Various BHO's i.e. googletoolbar have leftover BHO's although the files were deleted. HiJackthis

will show such missing info which it can remove, but I'd prefer all such cleanup of leftovers

in one tool.


Place this functionality in CCleaner under the add/remove, start display screen area as a button

called BHO's.

Note: Active X objects may fall under this area too.

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