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Change in Sys32 Shell Dll: From CCleaner?

Sandy Beach

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Hi, There ! Although I've been aware of CCleaner for sometime, decided to wait 'til more familiar with new(to me) XP Pro (was 98SE) before installing V.109.

Although a little intimidated by the vast selection of sources to clean, am now using and extremely pleased with results !!!

However, on my first post install Scan with AVG Free, the results were all ok EXCEPT:

1 entry: System32...Shell Dll: Changed. Since I haven't added any other programs etc since last Avg Scan, I wonder.....is the change found possibly due to install of CCleaner?

If so, this would put my (paranoid)mind to rest as I would otherwise consider this a potentially serious problem. Unfortunately, Avg Free doesn't offer any more info re: the change.

Thanks in Advance for your consideration!! :wacko::D

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Thanks to all who Replied! Unfortunately......I have done no UPdates nor service packs since this new laptop has NEVER been connected to the Net (virgin) !!

Guess I'll have to start guessing elsewhere. I did not note such a change notice on my desktop machine but it wasn't an HP product <_< !!! Thanks again! :)

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