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Trouble with Thunderbird

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That does sound rather weird.  O.o




FYI==> After I created a new account I imported the settings and the mail.

This prompted the server to add another account which was my Bosses

with His user name & email addy but with my server settings?????

This is why I couldn't type in the right password because the server was

trying to log Him in instead of myself.


I just removed His account and everything was fine.... B)

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Windows NT 4 is very old and you probably should consider upgrading the computer to Windows 2000, Windows XP or Linux.


If not, then be sure to use the latest service pack!




I don't run out and buy a new OS everytime I have a small glitz in my current OS.

I try to isolate the problem , then analyse a solution , then implement the solution and if I cannot solve a particular problem I reply with knowledgable people who have the expertise to eliminate the glitz....


You see the key is finding the right people to fix your problem.... :)


But , thanks for the suggestion. B)

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