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New Everest Version


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Anybody here use Everest Free Edition? (For those who aren't familiar with it, it's a system info, diagnostic and benchmarking program). I found out yesterday there's a new version out, so I checked it out, as I like to keep my software up to date (even though I'm not sure I'll ever need all the information this program provides, but maybe sometime I'll need to know my CPU temp or something, and I'll be ready!) I found out that all they'd added was support for some newer hardware (which I sure don't have!), while they had removed 4 menu items (OS, Server, Software and Config). So I decided to stay with the version I have, and others might want to do the same.

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Yeah cause they made two other versions.  Trying to make people pay.




It was a very sneaky way to do it, deleting features from an "updated" version without telling people. On their website they only mention what they added to the new version. I found out about what was deleted when I went to the Lavalys forum to see what users had to say about it. Some of them were a mite peeved... :angry:
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