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Clicking Hard Drive


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I am running HD Tune on my Hitatchi hard drive "error scan - not quick mode," and hear intermittent clicks. Is this a problem? I heard the

warning sounds from a hitatchi support web page but am not sure if 2-3 faint (audible - louder than the tiny, tiny clicks where you have to put your ear against the computer to faintly hear) clicks every 5-10 minutes is a problem. I am still under warranty, so I could swap the

drive if needed - and have like 3 days left to return the whole pc (which is a pain, since it's all setup).

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Thankfully my hard drive makes none of those noises, are they (those noises) only relevant to a Hitachi hard drive?

Brand has nothing to do with it. When a hard drive starts making those noises it's vital to make a backup immediately because failure or file corruption could happen at anytime.

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