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Ultimate Predator

Looking For Free (as in Free to own and Open-Source) Software

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My Updated List:


Anti-Spyware: Spybot - Search and Destroy, SpywareBlaster and Windows Defender (Included in Windows Vista)

Anti-Virus: Avast Home Edition

Browser: Firefox

CD/DVD Burning: AVStoDVD, InfraRecorder and Windows Media Player 11 (Included in Windows)

Disk Management: CCleaner, Defraggler and Recuva

File-Sharing: BitTorrent and Frostwire

Firewall: Comodo Free Firewall

FTP: FileZilla

Graphics: Paint.NET

Instant Messenger: Windows Live Messenger with A-Patch

Media Player/Codecs: Vista Codecs, VLC Media Player and Windows Media Player 11 (Included in Windows),

Office: OpenOffice or Microsoft Office 2007 Enterprise

PC Visuals: XPize or Vize

Technical Tools: Dial-a-fix, HijackThis and Unlocker

Utilities: 7Zip, Dizzy and Foxit Reader

Web Program: Notepad ++


Only Microsoft Office 2007 Enterprise costs money from the list above though you can use the brilliant OpenOffice as an alternative.


Ad-Aware SE Personal, SpywareBlaster, Spybot - Search and Destroy, Avast Home Edition, Comodo Free, CCleaner, Defraggler, Recuva, Windows Live Messenger with A-Patch, Windows Media Player 11, Vista Codecs, Microsoft Office 2007 Enterprise, Dial-a-fix, HijackThis, Unlocker, Dizzy, Foxit Reader, are closed-source / proprietary software / non-free software.


Firefox, AVStoDVD, InfraRecorder, Frostwire, BitTorrent, FileZilla, Paint.NET, VLC Media Player, Media Player Classic, OpenOffice, XPize or Vize, Notepad ++ are open-source / free software.


Any free alternatives to the closed- source / proprietary software / non-free software I would like to try out.



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The difference between free/open source doesn't matter to me. I just want functional software. If someone is really "only wanting open source" then they need to stop using windows and when they move to linux they need to not use any proprietary drivers, codecs, ect. What will happen when you do that? You will get a nonfunctional computer thats what. :lol:


Ubuntu has a version for those who want to try it(ubuntu includes all kinds of proprietary stuff in the default build):



As far as open source windows software goes this link is about the best you will probably get:



I use a freeware programme called Audacity. I connect a microphone to my computer and play tape-recodings of meetings, interviews, etc with a tape-recorder and record them as wav files with Audacity. If they are recordings of meetings, etc, I can then transcribe them with Express Scribe (also free) using a foot-pedal attached to my computer.

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I use a freeware programme called Audacity.

I use Audacity too, however it's GPL/Free Software/Open Source (that's a mouthful). It however isn't traditional closed-source freeware.

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