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Support for NTFS Folders (mount point)

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Dear folks at Piriform,


I'd like to request support for "NTFS Folders" (aka mount points) for Recuva:

To be able to pick mount points at the dropdown left of 'Scan' where currently all drive letters are listed.




I use one of those USB devices with slots for many different flash cards. I end up with 6 drive letters which I find hard at times to associate with a specific slot.

The Screenshot above shows the configuration at Computer Management / Disk Management. I basically removed all drive letters and assigned specific folder with meaningful names.


Since I'm no application programmer it's hard for me to foresee how much work this would cause.

I think however this suggestion is technically possible since for example the application "Diskeeper" shows mount points correctly.



Thank you for your time and dedication to write freeware applications,





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