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NEC L1030

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Okay kids, here's my issue: I have an NEC L1030 desktop computer with a lost/corrupted recovery partition - lost/corrupted owing to human error, ie myself. I've been waiting for TWO WHOLE WEEKS for a recovery CD to be sent out to me by the Australian NEC supplier - as of last Thurs my support request had been "processed", whatever that may mean... <_< In the meantime I've tried all sorts of tools to help me recover the lost data - running WinXP Pro on a computer which is meant to run Vista probably doesn't help matters any :unsure: I can access the recovery partition but just can't recover from it; the closest I've come is by using TestDisk, but I have no understanding of certain operations of said tool. I've looked online for NEC's RecoveryTools as a download, all to no avail. I'm under warranty so can get free repair, no doubt IN AN INSTANT, but I can't live without my computer :( Yes, I'm a tragic with no life :rolleyes:




My question to all you wonderful, BRILLIANT experts out there - like Ishan for one :rolleyes: - is, if I still have to wait another week or two or whatever for NEC to pull their fingers out and send me the blessed recovery stuff - WHAT THE HELL CAN I DO TO RECOVER MY SYSTEM to its original settings and whatnot????????? IS there some sort of downloadable .exe program to recover NEC computers, or do I just put up and wait?


zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz :blink:

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