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Taskbar issues


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All of a sudden, the taskbar icons that I usually have are gone. The only one that is showing, is the two little monitor thingies. I like to have the volume icon and the Norton icon. I went to Control Panel-Taskbar and Start Menu-put a check on "Hide Inactive Icons"-Customize


Only the icons that are showing are in the Current Items but my volume, and Norton icons are in the past items. I used the dropdown menu to put whatever I wanted to Always Show, clicked Apply..nothing there. Task Mgr says Norton is running but I like it to be on the taskbar. So I opened the program up and pretty much had to place it there even though it's programmed to start with Windows.


The volume icon however Control Panel-Sound and whatever devices has the box checked to show icon in taskbar. I uncheck and check, I mess with other stuff, come back and check it again, apply, nothing.


What the heck now?


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