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Should I have all these programs running?


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Though some services don't start when needed if they are set to manual and have to be set to automatic

Yeah! That's all part of the fun of figuring out what online guides or automation programs like Ashampoo's Startup Tuner 2 will do and cause only to find out later something is actually needed.

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Sorry, haven't been around..been feeling a bit ill. I am so jealous at your task mgrs! They look so nice and clean. Why does that svshst.exe (or whatever) have to be there like 10x? What is that?


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Windows bundles its services into various versions of the service host. Thered actually be alot more if they ran individually. On *nix the deamons arent bundled and its nice for fine grained control buts its even more messy than what your highlighting here.

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