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The Youngest One Wins!

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I'm 36, but I certainly don't act like it one bit.


It's good to see a well rounded age group here. :) And that's 73 years young! ;)


Not so young Andavari but, I've tried to keep my mind young by doing young things, like the Computer for instance. Three year ago took a course on Locksmith. Don't know why but did.


Unfortunately my body wouldn't listen to my mind. It's old, very old. Would probably exceed the Post limit to describe it's problems.


But I'm going to die young at heart no matter!!!

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17. Born on April 9th 1990.


I don't really see the advantages of being 18 except the notion of being able to own a credit card.

Concerning pubs and ultimately alcohol, not shaving for a few days does the job. :P

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ishan, your profile picture makes you look deceptively older! :o

Matt, DON'T get caught in the credit card trap, I owe just about $4500 on three cards! :o

I'm 35 in biological terms, but mentally - I'm 10! :lol:

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