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Some Windows item are stubborn

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Having trouble again with some of the Window items not opening, such as "Manage when right clicking on My Computer; in Administrative Tools in Control Panel, Comptuer Management, Even Viewer, etc."


Had this trouble once and never could repair it until I did a restore. Now it's here again. Don't want to do a restore and loose things unless I have to. I have a restore program but it is very weak and not dependable.


Below is what I get on the items above when I try to open them. Would appreciate suggestions to get around this.

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That's a very drastic step, so it's best not to do that unless you have to. Have you tried running sfc /scannow? If not try that. Beliw if a reg entry that will add the 'Manage' option to your 'My Computer' context menu.


Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
















What happens when you try to activate that option? Anything different?

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n8chavez. I agree that is a drastic step. To much so for a beginner like me. Thanks anyway.


hazelnut. Thank you for the information. I ran the one for msc. and it has straighten out the few I clicked.


Almost glad I had this problem as to learn the fix and where to find it. Thank each of you.


n8chavez. Tried SFC earlir and it was of no help.

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