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CCleaner and Winapp.ini

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The new version of CCleaner 2.01.507 does not seem to be fully portable yet. The winapp.ini is still installed as a separate file in the installation directory as opposed to being embedded in the CCleaner.exe. Is there any way that I can embed it into the CCleaner.exe myself?

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I think you have a wrong definition from "portable software"

The software is portable from the moment you don't have to install the software and it doesn't write anything in the register on your hard disk.

CCleaner V2 doesn't need to be installed (if you unpack the installation package with universal extractor) and doesn't write anything in the register and on the HD

I don't know from where you got the info that winapp.ini should be embedded in the EXE?





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CCleaner would be truly portable with just a single executable file.

According to the changelog:

- Files winsys.ini and winreg.ini are now embedded in the EXE.

So why not embed winapp.ini too so we can have one single file?

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I think it is a good idea to leave winapp.ini the way it is. Programs change or update a lot, just in case a program does change, you can update it yourself or download the update (if available) without having to get a new version of CCleaner just because of one program.


Same goes for winapp2.ini...

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