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I've used another cleaning program in the past called "Clean Space" and it had a neat feature called the "Tray Agent'. It was a tray icon that loaded with windows that had a number of interesting settings:


Double-Click icon to:

-- Open main program, or

-- Perform cleaning


I think double-clicking the tray icon rather than right-clicking and choosing clean is far more convenient.




Launch cleaning when last browser window closed

-- This feature detects IE/Firefox processes and initiates a cleaning after all browser processes have been closed.




Launch cleaning automatically every:

-- X minutes/hours




If you implemented a tray icon, it would be nice if it had a right-click "Empty Recycle Bin" function. The only other cleaner I saw with this function was the SuperCleaner.




The ability to execute command line or third-party program after cleaning.


For instance, I use Cookie Monster to manage my IE/Firefox cookies as well as cleaning of these cookies. That program has a function called "Eat Those Cookies" which will clear "Non-Preserved" cookies from IE and Firefox. It's executed by clicking the desktop icon or executing the following command:


"C:\Program Files\Cookie Monster\CookieMonster.exe" -auto


It would be nice if CCleaner were able to execute the above command after performing a cleaning routine. I know of no cleaning application (free or commercial) which supports something such as this.

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