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the program home page lag my system... :lol:

ok... costing US$39.90... rather a expensive software, especially for tweaking...

actually there are freewares out there which perform the same functions or can even out perform than the components of Advanced Systems Optimizer...

i am sure that you will not use all the components in Advanced Systems Optimizer...

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absolute krap! jack of all trades and master of none.. looks great but waste of disc space. ive heard bad things about this from quite a few people. read the reviews at download.com here

i had to reinstall outlook after using it and perfectdisc found 15percent of my disc was still fragmented after using the de-frag on systweak about eight times over 3weeks. my computer is only 3months old so I cant see as how systweak could have accomplished much in its defragging.

Im relatively new to computers and was running CCleaner at the same time- CCleaner found alot more on my sytem that systweak missed. I was a little concerned at first and almost uninstalled the wrong program. thankfully I started to read this forum and got rid of systweak immediately. you are better off with 3 or 4 freeware than 1 advanced optimizer krap!

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