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Translations issues

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Multilanguage version of Recuva have some problems. Some translated strings aren`t showed totally in main window of Recuva.


Bug or I must minimize some strings?


In CCleaner v2 translations various strings are bigger than in English and CCleaner shows it correctly....

Brazilian Portuguese Translator

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Can you post a screenshot of this?





Since we are in this thread, i suggest to shorten the "This file is overwritten with" sentence.

Eg. changing it with "File overwritten with" or "File overwritten by" or simply "Overwritten by".

The strings under 'Comments' column are very often cutted, also enlarging Recuva to full

screen mode (consider i own a 20" widescreen monitor) :)

max_sig.gif Guide in italiano per CCleaner - Recuva - Defraggler - Speccy

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String ID: 108




Issue: "Modo de"

Correct: "Modo de exibi??o:"



String ID: 113




Issue: "Para maiores informa??es, favor"

Correct: "Para maiores informa??es, favor visitar:"

Brazilian Portuguese Translator

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