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Windows XP Firewall


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I'd like to dabble a bit with the Windows XP Firewall, see if it's any good, etc., however what I am needing are some tip sites that show how to properly configure it since the help documentation crappy.

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They should have included all the info from the link in the help file not just some of it, since it gives more information -- however it doesn't give yet enough information.


I found out that Windows Firewall doesn't manage or block outbound traffic, which is a feature I've grown used to. It does pass the ShieldsUp test on http://grc.com as TruStealth, but since it doesn't block outbound connections it horribly failed LeakTest.


I had to hurry up and find a firewall solution since Sygate Personal Firewall decided to all of a sudden have a rather annoying problem in that it wouldn't let many websites load, and wouldn't allow some programs to use an Internet connection. I tried System Restore, that didn't work. I uninstalled it, rebooted, reinstalled it, and it was still messed up, that's what got my interest in Windows Firewall. Well at least Windows Firewall provided some protection long enough for me to download ZoneAlarm.

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