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List View: Sorting Improvements


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  1. In List View, the user can sort by any field, except the most important one?which files have been selected to be recovered. Sorting by this field would be very useful when the Scan results list is very long and the user wants to recover several files. After scrolling through the list, and selecting a few files, if the user could sort the list by selected files first, it would be much easier to confirm if all desired files were found and selected.
  2. If the name field is not the current sort field, it should always be the second. So for example if the user double-clicks the Path field, then the sort order should be first by Path Field, then by the Name field. Some applications allow a sorting by multiple fields by holding down the Ctrl key to designate the next fields in the overall sort order.


Nice little program by the way!

Kenneth R. Alcock

I'm still looking for that damned <Any> key!

"To write well and speak well is mere vanity if one does not live well."--Bridget of Sweden.

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