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I would ask, if it's possible, an option for a future update of your program, to launch - in sequel - first CCCleaner /auto , then Defraggler, and finally auto shutdown the PC.


(or, an option, in cccleaner, to launch defraggler after cleaning, and then shutdown the PC)


Thank you.

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I know in Cmd In run

There is a way to do it manual

Run CCleaner

Then Start Defragler And

While running it






Shutdown /i

then go



Enter your computer name ( egt this from Right Clicking My Computer amd go Propertys and click computer name It should be there Ksut copy and paste it into the Add Box)

What do you want to do SELECT From the Drop Box

Under neath that enter the amount of seconds you think it will take to fnish\EG Enet 60 For One Minute


Enter a comment

Then Push Ok

NOw just wait

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