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scanning documents

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I have a all in one hp 2115 which worked fine with XP but half of the functions have gone now I am one vista i cant scan and alter text documents nly pictures is there any software I can download Hp dont seem to have any its says my all in one working fine

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Ok that did not help at all DAMN

Ok try this sorry

Right Click My Computer

Click Properties

Then A Page will load

Under system

Copy that and paste here

sorry if this is a pain

I had the same trouble with vista but with a lexmark

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I have xp

This maybe different in Vista




Printers and Faxes

Add A new printer

see if that will work

if not unplug printer and plug the usb cable into another usb slot may work

Well that works with my memory stick

Good Luck

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HP scanning options don't work well on vista yet, and there are problems with the HP director.


Only thing I can suggest apart from changing printers is to try going into the device manager, finding your printer and asking windows to update the driver using a windows one only. Then okay your way out and reboot. This will make windows load it's own driver which MAY work when the HP one doesnt.

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