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I went to a link that someone posted called the "46 best freeware utilities ever" and found a program that was a temp file cleaner (It is number 36) on the site of the person who made that software has a program on his that he wrote to cover the adds. I do not use Opera so I have not tried this program, but if anyone here does try it and tell us what you think. The Program covers the adds in Opera with a launch bar that you can add any program too.


here is a link to the program:



Here is a link to the 46 best freeware utilities ever:



And this is a link that was on the best freeware utilities site and is where I found the other program.




This looks like a good deal to me. If anyone tries it tell me how it goes. I hear that Opera is really good, even better than firefox. But like other software I just cant rationalize paying for a browser.

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i tried it before... i think it is about the same as firefox... opera have a very nice interface... but it display an ad in the browser window... oh well... if it is free i might consider it... :D


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