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Shredding Unwanted Files


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Right now I do that by wiping the free space on the HD, but it is a slow business. I have used 2 free utilities, sdelete and eraser, and know them to work OK. I like sdelete better because it renames the files after it wipes them; all the characters in the names end up as Z. I don't know if the other 2 do that or not.


sdelete (free) has a free space wipe feature:



Eraser (free) has a feature to wipe free space. Be careful. Use only the latest version:



A third utility, Paragon Hard Disk manager (still free, I think) also has such an option. Frankly, paragon is not something I would install if I only wanted to wipe the free space on a hard drive. I haven't used it for that yet.



Recuva is a great program, and I look forward to a release which incorporates a secure deletion option. :)

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