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Help me choose a soundcard...


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Following on from THIS post a couple of weeks back I need a cheap external soundcard for my laptop. I've rounded it down to four:


Trust SC-5500P 5.1 External USB Surround Sound Card (?24.31)

Icemat Siberia USB Soundcard (?27.99)

Creative Sound Blaster Connect /External USB Sound Card (?28.72)

Creative SoundBlaster Surround 5.1 External USB Sound card (?32.99)


I know its unlikely anyone will have tried them but I just want some general advice - Are Icemat or Trust generally any good? I know Creative are good but their external soundcards are apparently a little resource hungry (according to my Googling of them) and I don't need any fancy stuff, it's literally just for getting working sound in the one game I play regularly.


At the mo I think it's a choice between the Icemat and the cheaper of the two Soundblasters.


Any thoughts/recommendations?

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what are you using the sound card for? like gaming and entertainment or audio recording?

Its purely to get working sound in a game. The soundcard in my new laptop doesn't work properly with the only game I really play on it and there's never been working drivers released to fix it so I need an alternative and as I said although I know Soundblasters are supposed to be good (though a little resource hungry) but I've no experience of Trust or Icemat soundcards at all (and computer hardware is not really my strong point :unsure: )

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I have a Creative SoundBlaster Audigy2 in my PC (don't have a laptop).


It works fine and has good sound and all with just the drivers installed.


The problem is if you do things like I've did by only installing the needed drivers and don't install their clunky and slow software that's always resident you won't have 5.1 surround sound.

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