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Scheduler Loading at startup


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Hi guys... Just downloaded and seems to be doing all it says...


How do I get rid of the scheduler popping up everytime I boot?? / The option to 'run cleaner when computer starts is unchecked'


On boot 'C:\Program Files\MRU-Blaster\indexcleaner.exe -CACHE' is majically added to the registry runonce key ... I have deleted it several times and rebooted yet the scheduler still pops on windOZ starting and the entry keeps reappearing.


I also noticed the history index.dat file remains the same size and thats set to delete.


OS: xp pro.



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Sorry guys, I was wrong about a few things: I blame it on 'information overload'


'C:\Program Files\MRU-Blaster\indexcleaner.exe -CACHE' is added by MRU-Blaster and not CCleaner.


Secondly, when running CCleaner it does not clear the index.dat files period - they still have the same size as before running... setting CCleaner to run on startup does not clean them either... I have tried many programs to dump the .dat files and none seem to work, maybe its an xp pro thing?


Of note: CCleaner managed to achieve one thing that even the manufactures of my MB couldnt figure... On a clean boot my system would start with without a hitch...


If I reboot, the (asus 2.6gb twin processors) motherboard check would always report that my cpu fans failed which was not the case as I could see the fans running, asus guys said to ignore it (probly windOZ was asleep at the wheel) this always bothered me in case they did fail and I ignored it... and was really a PITA cos the system would not continue booting untill I pressd F1 to continue and peeped into the system to check the fans, also I couldnt reboot and go get a coffe and come back to find my system up.


I scanned for Issues with CCleaner and deleted all found... since then my comp reboots and no cpu fan failed message.... whoohoooooo.



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