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Cleaning too much Avira AntiVir stuff

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Well... first of all, I'm using CCleaner 1.41.


I've recently wondered why Avira AntiVir always downloads all its

Antivirus Database over and over again (i.e. all .vdf files).


It seem like they are stored in %appdata%\All Users\Application Data\AntiVir PersonalEdition Classic\Update.


And CCleaner always cleans this folder (If Antivir Cleaning is selected).


This leads to AntiVir having do download all its Antivirus database again.


But this was NOT the case in the past. Has Avira changed something in their update process ?

Something that means that CCleaner's winapp.ini has to be updated (skipping the "Update" folder) ?


Am I right ???? Anyone can confirm this ?




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MrG has said he will fix this in the release version.


I also use Avira and have been doing what Andavari advised you, just unticking avira under application/utilities for now.

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