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[Suggestion] How about a Whitelist?

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Some Applications (Ventrilo for example) put stuff in the Temp Folders. After running CCleaner, Ventrilo opens a Setup Screen to remake the "eula.txt" file in the temp folder (C:\Documents and Settings\%username%\Local Settings\Temp)


Just a suggestion.. :)



*Edit* while thinkin about this, I though of another suggestion on the same Topic...


how about a blacklist?


lets say I have an app that makes justalog.log in C:\Program Files\SomeApp.. if i use the Custom Folder it would delete everything in there. but if there was a blacklist option i could tell it to delete in folder C:\Program Files\SomeApp delete just the file justalog.log or even better allow wild cards... so you can have it delete *.log in that folder.


Just another suggestion.. :P

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ok, got bored today, ran CCleaner a lot cause i was doing lots of program installations, etc.. etc. etc... every time i had to do a restart and upon starting up ventrilo, ventrilo had to do a setup screen to copy back the eula.txt file.


so i decided to make a small batch file, and share it here incase anyone else wanted/needed it. basically what it does is start up CCleaner.exe and wait for it to exit out, then copy the eula.txt file back into temp so ventrilo doesn't complain.


all instructions needed are in readme.txt



You can customize it anyway you like, and add more files to be copied, but i will not support additional programs. if you want to use variables like %temp% hit start -> run -> cmd and type in 'set' to see all the variables. (without the quotes)


in case your wondering, cmdow is a program that allows hiding of windows and other features, the line in the cmd file is to hide the cmd window insted of having it sit there waiting for you to exit out of CCleaner.



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