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Paragon Partition Manager 8.5 free

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If anyone has any notes, ideas or thoughts on Paragon Software improvements, let me know. They genuinely listen to our ideas and are keen to listen to end-users.



Hi Chris, nice to read your comments.


I've used Paragon Hard Drive Manager on 4 different occasions over the last couple of months. Partitioned my single hard drive, redistributed the space twice, and defragged both drives.


Almost forgot, made backup disk images of both drives.


So to me it's a must have program, and it has worked flawlessly each time, but I have to back up JD's comments. The process of carrying out any type of operation on the OS partition, is not really explained very well.


Besides taking some time to realise that the "Wizards" only set up the parameters of an operation, it was even more difficult to work out what do after pressing the green check button.


The operation starts, but then seems to stop as if you've done something wrong. The option to "restart now" felt to me as if I was taking a gamble as I had no idea what was going to happen if I selected that option.


The consequences of doing something wrong when partitioning a drive or redistributing the free space are pretty scary. They felt that way to me anyway.


I don't think I did anything wrong, but the help file didn't help at all with this particular stage of things.


I think the program would be much easier to use if working on the OS partition was as smooth and straightforward as it is working on a non OS partition. More clearly explained anyway.


Hope this makes sense to you. :)



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