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Recuva doesnt find my Fuji Finepix F11 photos


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My son inadvertently triggered a mass delete when trying to delete one photo, canceled quickly, all videos were saved and all photos taken previously that day were saved. All photos (20-30) taken the previous day were deleted. He continued to take photos and short film sequences for the duration of our weekend walking trip. I am trying to see whether it is possible to restore the deleted photos.


I have just downloaded Recuva. I want to see whether it can restore the photos that were accidentally deleted from my Fuji Finepix F11 camera. I connected the camera to the PC via the USB hub - drive K. Recuva could identify drive K BUT when I scanned it came up with a file count of 0 after 4 seconds. I accessed the camera using the Fuji Finepix software and could access the photos.


However Recuva so far fails to identify any photos / films - deleted or not.


Please tell me what I am doing wrong.


Many thanks in advance

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