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A couple of new freeware security programs...


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SafeSpace - Sandbox. Similar in many respects to Sandboxie . Free for personal use. beta









Comodo Firewall 3.0 beta - Firewall. This beta version adds a lot of HIPS features








McAfee? VirusScan Plus – Special edition from AOL - Replacement for AOL ActiveShield. Includes firewall.









EQsecure 3.4 (direct link) - Fully featured HIPS. Offers full Application, File and Registry control.










Neoava Guard beta 3 - Another totally free HIPS comparable with EQSecure , SSM Pro etc.









Comodo Memory Guardian (beta) - Protection from buffer overflows. Will be future part of Comodo security suite. See here for more information.















RGguard - SiteAdvisor competitor, add a toolbar that advises you about dangerous executables on websites.















RunScanner - Promising auto-starts listing tool. Version 1.0 just released.









MANDIANT Red Curtain - Interesting tool that tries to determine heuristically, how dangerous a file is based "on entropy (in other words, randomness), indications of packing, compiler and packing signatures, the presence of digital signatures, and other characteristics to generate a threat 'score'". For advanced users.





ThreatFire (beta) - Renamed CyberHawk. This security HIPS program detects malware based on behavior. This new beta, includes fully configurable advanced custom rules (formerly only for paid version) for the free version.





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SafeSpace was posted in Wilders some months ago. Many of them are kinda hesitant in using it. It is also like GeSWall


Since everyone doesn't like crap (like McAfee), I saved an AOL ActiveShield installer and one key, if anyone wants it, just PM me :lol:


No more give away key! All the rest of my keys are for me :lol:

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SafeSpace was posted in Wilders some months ago. Many of them are kinda hesitant in using it. It is also like GeSWall


"Many months ago??" That's a lie! It was first posted on Wilder's on 9th Aug, how is that "some months" ago??


And I question the whole "many of them are kinda heistant", besides many of them are just sheep.

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"Some" is not that much as "many" ;)


Whatever. some/many is still wrong, when it's not even ONE month.


It's more like 1-2 weeks.


Wait, I kinda know your name... yep your the one. :lol:


You shouldn't have included McRappy. You know the point.


Yeah whatever dude. You don't like me, i don't like you either.

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This post just reminded me that I've been running "RunScanner" since early September, and it's an ok application.


Runs from a simple exe file, and has a couple of useful features which include a Hosts File Editor as well as the usual process explorer/killer, startup etc..


Includes a link to a list of specialist forums as well as its home site to obtain info on any and all processes running.



Edit: Runscanner:

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