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What Icons do you have on your desktop?

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On my desktop I have:


My Documents

My Computer

Recycle Bin

Internet Explorer

Mozilla Firefox

Sonic MyDVD

Marks Stuff

Marks Music

Music Downloads

Music Downloads 2

Music Downloads 3

Music Downloads 4

Music Downloads 5

Music Downloads 6

Music Downloads 7



LimeWire PRO 4.9.23


Sound Forge 7.0

Dawn of War

Battlefield 1942




BTW, I download a lot of music

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How about a screenshot Maddux_91?

BTW, are you the female in your avatar, or a male that would like the female in your avatar? B)







Lol! I am the male that would like the avatar pic. :P


I bet noone can guess where the Wallpaper is from?


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What program are you using for the icon dock thing? Also where did you get the icons? I might just have to get me a cool desktop going, I'm jealous. <_<  :D





Glad you like, first off i download the umicons shell pack from here(3rd one down)which changes all icons see the screen shots, the dock is RK Launcher and the icons which are on the dock can be found here the icons however i have is a collection of all i think 4 packs their maybe be 5 i cant remember. You may also want to download the gant icons sets because while different they are mad by the same person and are the first icons sets he made the umicons are just lighter colours where the gant set is darker. You may see on my dock tho the media player classic one is from the gant set because there is not a umicons one but it does not look out of place.


I have a backup of all gant and umicons icons sets which are in 2 folders it comes in at 100mb(compressed) which i can upload it if you want. I wont do it unless you specific want it because as i said its 100mb. Or maybe if you know a site that you can upload legal torrents ill make a torrent and you can just directly download them.

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Thank you very much for the links englishmen. I will put me a desktop together and post it some time soon. Don't worry about uploading anything thats a lot and now that I know where you got them I can just download the ones I want.

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I used that theme for a short while, but I must admit I much prefer Luna Element 4 for now. Might post up a screen later.....




If M$ wants to give away a free theme it's fine with me since I don't like the original blue and green themes that're installed by default with WinXP. The theme I had been using for 22 1/2 months is the silver one which in reality is getting boring, therefore the Royale theme is a nice freebie.

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