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What Icons do you have on your desktop?

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TuPLaD: Change your color depth to 32-bit.





OK This sounds stupid, I'd show you my desktop screen, but don't know how to copy it here.. Also, it take too long for my stuff to load up, and then a long while to log on to the internet, even with cable modem...Not much stuff on desktop, I still haven't run HiJack this yet, which may clean up alot of startup stuff .

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Aside from that, the little arrow near the clock. wink.gif

that is what make me think that it is a Windows OS... i saw winamp but not sure whether is there a Mac version...


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how did you get it so turn off computer, log off, run etc appear in the top left hand corner like that??

Homer: I never apologise, im sorry Lisa. Thats just the way i am
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