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"Disk is Full" "Updating Configuration Files"

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I recently configured CCleaner 1.4..544 to run on startup with the /auto switch, for win 98. I retained the default options. Every time it runs, windows announces, ``Updating configurations files. This may take a minute." And also reports, ``Disk Is full" and then makes me empty the recycle bin of 0 files (!) three times for drives f: g: and h:.


These drives are for storage and backup and are always mostly filled. So CCleaner is automatically running MS disk cleanup on these drives.


This is almost a bug, since I can not imaging CCleaner should change configurations files, and run a microsoft program as a matter of course, - over and over and over and over - - -


Can I uncheck something or alter one of its files to stop this behaviour? Is CCleaner actually configured to do this stuff?

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