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you have helped me here many times before so I am turning to you again for help. After using CC today my computer is feeling strange. In my event logs this is what it says


Product: Windows Operating System

ID: 4118

Source: Ci

Version: 5.0

Component: Application Event Log


Message: A content scan could not be completed on %1.



This event record indicates that the files in the listed directory might be missing from the index.



User Action

Manually start a full rescan.







Currently there are no Microsoft Knowledge Base articles available for this specific error or event message. For information about other support options you can use to find answers online, see http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx.



I dont understand what this means and how to restart the service. There are over 20 of the same entry. If you can help, thanks


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Were you able to do a system restore to just before this happened? I know that will not give an answer but it may help with the sluggishness until you find out more.


If you go start, run, services.msc what does your indexing services show, enabled, disabled or auto?


Also have you enough disc space and memory?

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