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Corded vs Wireless Mouse


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Well, I thought I would try a cordless mouse (Logitech MX600). I actually find the wireless to have a quicker response, smoother, and not having to deal with the cord on the mouse.


I know it takes batteries, but nowadays if you don't have rechargeable batteries, you are still in the stone age.


Just wondering what people think of wireless mice.

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I have a Belkin wireless mouse and have never had any problems with it and wouldn't go back to a wired mouse.


As for the batteries, I just keep a couple of fully charged ones on my desk to slot in when the others run out. No big deal with a battery recharger :)


Four batteries have lasted 2 years so far.


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I wouldn't want all that damn BackWeb s**t from Logitech on my PC, to each their own, which is why I went with a Microsoft branded mouse.


I've had a wireless mouse for about 1 1/2 years now, and it seems more precise than a corded mouse. I also don't miss that cord getting jammed under the keyboard.


In the past few months I started using rechargeable batteries for my wireless mouse. The mouse would typically go through a set of AA Alkaline batteries every two to three months (roughly $6 per year) depending upon how much the mouse was used, so any long durations in something like Paint.NET meant the batteries wouldn't last as long. The rechargeable batteries last anywhere from three to four weeks before I have to swap them.


Note that you'll still need an old corded mouse for some things like re-installing Windows. And do get used to some keyboard shortcuts to restart Windows should the mouse fail to properly load during startup which can happen on rare occasions.

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