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My computer keeps shutting off & restarting randomly.


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I'm running Windows Vista. My computer just shuts off & restarts non its own. While listening to music or surfing the web, looking at pictures. ANY TIME IT WANTS. PLEASE HELP MEEEE :mellow:


Could be a couple of things:


NOTE: These directions are for XP and may look slightly different on VISTA.


1. Malware: Post a Hijackhis Log it the appropriate section of the forum


2. Driver Errors: Turn off automatic restart:

Click "Start", Right Click "my computer", Click "Properties", go to the "Advanced" tab,

Under "Startup and Recovery" Click "Settings", Untick "Automatically Restart"

Await the next crash, and note down the details in the Blue Screen of Death


3 Overheating: http://www.almico.com/sfdownload.php

Check temperatures


4 Other hardware problem: Turn off Automatic restart (see stem 2), and note down any error messages received, next time it crashes.

Also check "Device Manager":

Right Click "My Computer", Click "Manage", Click "Device Manager", look in the left

pane for any items with Yellow Warning Triangles, Double click them and note down any

messages in the "Device Status" section.


Come back here and let us know how it went :-)

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