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Webmail and WiFi security


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Thankfully I don't have WiFi, but the security implications are worrying.


Las Vegas (NV) ? I?ve just received an email that says ?I like sheep?, but it wasn?t sent by my friend ? it was sent by a hacker posing as my friend. At the Black Hat security convention, Robert Graham, the CEO of errata security, surprised attendees by hijacking a Gmail session on camera and reading the victim?s email. He went even further by demonstrating the attack to us in person, taking over another journalist?s Gmail account and then sending us sheep-loving emails.



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It would be worrying if you're connected to a spot wherein someone could be a hacker, either of the colors :lol:


But in my case, someone should be worried on me since I'm the only one in the neighborhood that plays and knows WiFi access :lol: (I could just imagine the devastation I can do...)

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