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Mic Feedback


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This is a new one on me. I've been getting severe feedback from my CP speakers from what I thought to be my mic. This issue just aroused for the first time not to long ago, less than a week. I made no sound changes in that time or shortly after, hopeing it would fix its self. Ive tried adjusting everything I could possibly imagine here in the last few days, with no luck I end up with 2 scenarios. 1) I get the squeelch to stop but cannot talk at all, or 2) I do nothing, can talk but everyone gets pissed at the squeelch in the background. I have 2 mics and tested with both with the same result. I even disconnected both mics to test em out and still got the steady feedback so Im really lost now. Its only a big deal because I play alot of online games and use TS and Voip, which I now have to avoid for the sake of my buddies ears as it is a high pitch steady tone. Any thoughts or suggestions???

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I'm not really sure what's causing your problem, but I get a similar thing happening on Skype talking to my son.


Instead of a mike with speakers, I use a mike with headphones (cuts off the speakers). Doesn't really cure the problem, but it's a possible workaround.


Slightly off topic, but are you any relation to rridgely? :D



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I might have to try that then, cant hurt to try and any improvement would be welcomed. Thank for the input guys.


@Dennis, no relation here to rridgely, though he has helped issues of mine in the past.


Thanks again all.

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Oh but feedback is so much fun. but maybe thats the punkrocker in me HAHA!


have you tried turning your speakers down a little bit. also does your mic have a volume trim on it BEFORE it inputs into the sound card?

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I tried reinstalling the drivers from the install disk and gateway has no new updates when it scans on thier website so Im not sure.

@speytone...Feedback was probably the wrong term. More along the lines of constant squeelch even when mic activation is disabled. I have no idea what the trim before input means so Im assuming no.

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Some time back (last year) I was reading something on this pc about the Master Volume Controller and all the different settings it has.


Something is there in the back of my mind about certain inputs have to be muted to stop then interfereing with other inputs.


This is really very hazy, but I hope it's better than nothing.


My Master Volume Control looks like this. In fact it is this. Both of them. :)






If yours is anything like the first pic, then you could try muting various of those inputs to find out if any of them are interfereing with any others.


And in pic 2, Front Green, Front Pink and Microphone all have a "mic boost". I had to switch it off to prevent noise interference. Can't remember which ones though as I can't find the flaming thing I was reading.


Another check is to see if you have a rear and front mic or line input. I have a button to switch them both on for Multi Streaming.




If you have something similar, it may be set the wrong way.


Anyway, I'm sorry this is really hazy, but if your struggling, it might give you an idea of where else to look. ;)

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Well, I figured I would try using a sound card instead of the integrated one. No luck though, when I plug my speakers into the jacks on the card I get no sound. Still get sound and the constant tone on the existing jacks. So im not sure if the card is actually working.


:D Ok, I finally got the card workin and all problems are now fixed. Guess the easiest solution was me stop being cheap and buying a desent sound card and mic.

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