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Scan of drive C hanging at x% complete - Solved?


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I found that a Recuva scan of my drive C: was hanging at 89% and Recuva was using all of my CPU - so I had to shut it down with Task Manager.

I had reported on this months ago and others had the same problem at the time, but I saw there was an update recently so tried it again.


This time however it occured to me to wipe the free space on the drive using Eraser (or SDelete) and found that it fixed the problem completely. (So far anyway.)


Thought I'd post it here in case it's of any use to others.


Don't know WHY it fixed it though, - or WHAT it fixed!



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Trouble is though that it rather defeats the object of using Recuva to 'recuva' the deleted files on drive C: I suppose!


Might be a pointer to what causes the problem though?


Ah well, - back to that anti-gravity machine I was working on before then! The perpetual motion machine's almost ready for market as well. If I can just work out how to STOP it ...... :rolleyes:

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I didn't write the errors down, but it did fix a few.


We have since replaced the drive, it keeps loosing a partitions file system, (chkdsk fixed it back again),

Since then that drive can boot the original windows installed on it, will play with it some time.

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