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Recuva does not find erased files


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I have the 095 version running on a Toshiba laptop. The scan finishes instantly without finding any files.


I have checked the disk using your suggested chkdsk options with no problems.


I then ran in debug mode with the following result:


[2007-07-26 10:43:50] [iNFO ] Recuva v1.02.095

[2007-07-26 10:43:50] [iNFO ] System Info: MS Windows XP SP2, Intel® Pentium® M processor 1400MHz, 511MB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce4 420 Go (Toshiba)

[2007-07-26 10:43:50] [ERROR] Exception: DriveNamesEnumerator.cpp(46) : The device is not ready.


[2007-07-26 10:43:50] [ERROR] Exception: DriveNamesEnumerator.cpp(46) : The device is not ready.


An older version worked fine on this computer...not sure which version.


Program runs fine on my desktop.


Thank you.

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Thanks for the error log, we'll look into this.






Hello. I tried the new file and have the same problem, no files found and the check takes less than 1 second. I then rechecked the drive with several utilities and found no problem. Let me know if you would like me to try something else.


I tried another recovery program and have the same problem. I also noted that the other program was able to check my external drive.


Recuva 095 crashes on my external drive at 81%, Recuva 097 works with my external drive.


I'm starting to think this is a registry problem or permission problem with the C:\ drive.


Recuva and FileRecovery fail to find files on the C:\ drive.



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Mr. Ron,


I am having a similar problem. If I scan my "D Drive" or any other drive other than the "C Drive", the program works fine - finds deleted files (although there appears to be an unrelated issue that the deleted files don't have the same name as the originals).


But when I scan the "C Drive" - the one with the WindowsXP operating system, it completes in less than a second and finds nothing.


I have even created a file (word.doc), saved it and then deleted it, emptied the recycle bin, and ran Recuva - nothing is found. But if I do the same test and save the file to the "D Drive", Recuva does find the file, but with a strange file name. (the original file was named "word.doc" but the one found was Di8.doc).


Any idea why the primary drive search appears to fail?

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Mr Ron,


Yes, I'm logged in as Administrator and the File System is NTFS.


Interesting, but the "D Drive" is also formatted as NTFS and Recuva finds deleted files just fine on that drive; but the "C Drive", nothing, just a very fast completion of the program scan - almost like nothing is happening.


I did just think of someting. When I look at "Start" by right-clicking, if I open "All Users" and look in Programs, Recuva is not there. Looks like it is installed under my user id only.


Is this a clue? Is there a way to make it available to "All Users?"



Anything else I can try?

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Mr. Ron,


Just noticed one more thing - when I try to scan the "C Drive", if I can read the popup screen correctly, it say "Completed Process 0%, 0 Files found" and the progress bar does not move to 100%.

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