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I have lost "Help" in ALL of my programs, how can this be?

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I have lost "help" from all of my programs. Word, Webeasy, Quickbooks, Ebay Turbo Lister, Photoshop, Adobe Acrobat Pro, ALL OF THEM!!! They all run correctly, but when I click on "help" nothing comes up for any of them. I try to run a repair and re-install, but still nothing!. What could it be? Could it have been from a program like crap cleaner? If so, why can't I repair? HELP, I NEED MY HELP!

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It wasn't CCleaner, it doesn't scan your hard drive for file types. But, some cleaning programs do.


Thanks for that answer. The only other cleaner type program I have is ad-aware SE. Do you think that could have done it? And why would the help programs not come back with a reinstall or repair? Thanks for any help you can assist me with.....wow! I just went into my Ad-Aware SE, and it even won't load help, otherwise it works fine also.

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Try Deckard's Association Fix Tool (DAFT) to make sure none of the file associations are damaged




Double-click the daft.exe icon. Read the disclaimer and click OK.

Click on the Scan button then save the logfile.

This will save as daft.txt which you can then post back if it finds any problems



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