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Yes, i'm also mentioned it here: http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showto...iew=getlastpost


Btw, funny co-incidence. I wrote that Opera message today 09:43 AM and this message 09:43 PM .


EDIT: hazelnut, it's always good to give link to official download site. http://www.opera.com/download/

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Opera 9.24 is out: http://www.opera.com/download/


This release is a recommended security upgrade.


Fixed an issue where external news readers and e-mail clients could be used to execute arbitrary code, as reported by Michael A. Puls II. See our advisory.

Fixed an issue where scripts could overwrite functions on pages from other domains. See the advisory. Issue reported to Opera by David Bloom.

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NOTE: Opera 9.5 alpha will by default install separately from your previous version of Opera. If you choose to install it on top of your previous installation, please make sure you have proper back-up of Opera and M2.


Changes in Opera 9.50 Build 9600 Alpha:

* Rewritten backend for bookmark synchronization. Fixes several bugs

* Cosmetic changes in synchronization user interface, new icon

* Reloading widgets broken

* Smilies in chat/mail now works again

* Fixed leak in search engine

* Fixed printing crash

* Fixed a margin collapsing regression

* Fixed dead bookmarks bug and crash when clicking on bookmarks in personbar

* Fixed bug where Redirected e-mails displayed incorrectly in Sent view

* Fixed crash when importing default browser bookmarks on first run

* Fixed crashes when Image with svg source is a sibling of a float

* Fixed several layout issues

* Several stability fixes added


Known issues

* Framesets don't work. Gives blank page on Gmail and other sites

* Filters in M2 don't work

* Widgets don't work after restarting Opera

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It would be nice if Opera would get around to fixing the Speed Dial feature. They introduced this feature and it's seriously flawed. Bring up Speed Dial and click on one of the thumb nails to go to your page. Click some links and go a few deep into a page. Now click the back button. Many many times instead of going back a page you go right back to Speed Dial. Very annoying. Firefox, Maxthon 1, Maxthon 2 and IE7 via IE7 Pro have far superior versions of Speed Dial now.

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Opera 9.50 (Kestrel) Build 9600 Alpha


It's bad netiquette to directly link to a download, just link to the page the download is on. (Also that is an alpha release so best left alone unless your prepared to put up with the bugs)

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