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"iPhone may NEVER be secue"

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Apple's new iPhone may never be secure, according to an encryption expert

who believes that the device is "too powerful". Phillip Dunkelberger, a former

Apple employee and now president of encryption firm PGP, said that the computing

power of the iPhone is so great that it will be almost impossible to protect completely.


"There are so many security issues with the iPhone, because it is not just a phone," he said. "

From an IT guy's perspective it is a Linux computer with communications built in."


Dunkelberger agreed with the Jericho Forum in that IT departments should concentrate on

protecting the data itself, rather than trying to block all potential security holes.


He added that, if hackers did get control of the iPhone, they could use it to dial expensive

phone lines and steal funds from users.


The iPhone has already become a target for crackers. DVD Jon has unlocked the activation

process, a hacker has unlocked the phone from the AT&T network, and a security company

has found a problem with the dialling software.


So who here is definitalty getting one?

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I have a bud who bought one. Its really freaking cool and I want one but... I dont talk on the phone much so my free with contract phone is fine.

Plus I would never use the advanced features of the phone anyway since I usually have my laptop anyway.

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