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I feel that in the "Selecting location for file" menu there should be an option to return the file to it's to original location rather than having to save it some where then cut it to it's old location by slowly following the route provided on the console and still most likely placing in the wrong place by error. I hope that this is possible. :)


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I think the main issue with this is that windows could try to write the file back to the same location you are trying to recover from. So to be safe, you should have it write to a different drive/partition, then ensure that the file is what you want, then copy it to it's orginal location.

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i think the Topic Starter meant that you can decide where to place the recovered files. Let the user decide in wich directory or drive the files are restored to.


Have you even used revuva?

Since you can choose where to put the files and which drive easily and by default....


It doesn't give you a default ability to "return the file to it's to original location".


You can, by going to "Options" and checking the box I suggested,

Then it will be alot easier to put the file back to where it belongs, because it will save the folder structure as well.


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