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Programs To Add To The Cleaning List

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Here are some essential programs that I would like CCleaner to clean:


  • RSSOwl
  • Foxit PDF Reader
  • Visual Studio
  • VideoLAN (VLC)


Could these programs possibly be added? Thanks!

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Welcome to the forums CleanDude! :)


Foxit Reader ("Foxit PDF Reader") already is included and is available using the default installation of CCleaner.

It's located in: Launch CCleaner, click Cleaner->Applications. Now under the Applications list you should see it listed as Foxit Reader. Make sure it has a tick in it so that the Foxit Reader recently opened files list can be cleaned by CCleaner.


For more cleaning there's an unofficial add-on called Winapp2.ini which you can download here:



Via Winapp2.ini you can also study how the entries work then you'll be able to create, add, and submit cleaning routines you've made so that everyone else can benefit from and use them.

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How would I find the details of what to clean in VideoLAN (VLC) media Player? Would I need to contact their support department?

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