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File Deletion is needed


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Recuva works very fast and does an excellent job of displaying the deleted files and their condition. I have two suggestions, however, that would make this program awesome.


The first is to allow the user to check all boxes at once - "select all". It appears that this is not possible in the present version. The second suggestion is to allow the user the option of deleting the recoverable parts of the files and/or the file names in lieu of recovering them. This would be similar to a program called DataRecovery.


Otherwise, great job on another fine product....

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yessss. it definitely needs a deletion feature, where the user can pick how many passes are done on the files (DoD 3 passes, 7 passes, ect.)


hurry! it needs to be implimented soon :P i'm getting impatient

i need to clear out those files before the FBI searches my computer..

(just kidding)

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