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new version?


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hy again to everyone



I read about an update that would have been done today,may10


but it is the same version1.19105.


was it made an update without changingthe number of the version?


or will the update still be made?


if it was made an update and maintained the number of the version,i have to tell that nothing changed .


CCleaner still do not erase te recent opened list of documents im microsoft office xp;as I told in topic previous"still about office xp bug"


if the new version announced for today it will still be liberated i await .


I ask for forgiveness for any inconvenience i have caused and I thank again.

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if you want to know if there is any new version release, at the home page of CCleaner website, there is a section that reads "What's New"... then there will be some version of CCleaner display there, along with the new features or fixtures... beside each version, there will be a release date...


the update you see at the top of the home page maybe for CCleaner new release too...


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