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Can I Host CCleaner Install File on My Server?

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I'm planning to create a help video on how to use CCleaner in a most efficient way (for the non-geeks).


I have suggested CCleaner to many friends and several of them have called me back because they had trouble finding and downloading the installation file.


I wonder if it would be ok to host the latest installation file on my server so I can tell people to simply click on the link under my instructional video to download CCleaner.


Btw, your software rocks!




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According to the official download page people are not allowed to distribute/mirror the Basic or Slim builds, therefore you'd have to host the Standard Build, i.e.; the one with Yahoo Toolbar included. For that very reason:

If I were you I'd just supply the link below to the official download page, or have the "download" page on your server forward people to it so they can get the Basic or Slim builds.


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To confirm - I am allowed to distribute/mirror the Standard Build on my own server/domain?


From what I know you should be, but I'm in no way an official representative of Piriform the makers of CCleaner therefore you may or may not need the official go ahead from the admin/developer MrG.

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You can mirror the Standard installer, but not the Basic or Slim versions.






Hi MrG,


since we are in this topis, i'm the italian translator of CCleaner, and i've translated as well some

CCleaner webpages (Quick Tour, FAQs, Features... ). The download is directly linked to the official

english Piriform website, i don't host any executable.


What i've made is visible here

My Personal Website

(click CCleaner Quick Tour)


I've asked on the forum sometime ago about this, getting no answers :(

Please let me know if this is fine for you (i don't want break any rule, copyrights, etc...)

If not, of course i'll immediately delete all this stuff.

Also, if you like, i can send you the whole translated package.


Thanks :)

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