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Adding Ram to my Dell Inspiron B130

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I recently bought a 1gb extra memory card for my dell inspiron b130 and don't know how to put it in. Can anybody help me???

Google is your friend: http://www.google.co.uk/search?q=installin...lient=firefox-a


EDIT: Just noticed its a laptop you've got. Odds are its got a small panel on the bottom you can unscrew to get to the RAM easily, then its normally just a case of undoing a little clip at the side of the installed RAM and sliding it out. Read through some of the guides in the Google link for an idea of the precautions to take - you should really take some anti-static precautions (you can get away with not using it if make sure you hold the new RAM only by the edges, don't touch the face of the RAM or the contacts at the bottom. Having said that I take no responsibility for you destroying your RAM doing it that way).

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