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How to reset security center in Vista?


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My brand-new Vista-Home-premium computer came with a pre-installed one-month trial version of Kaspersky. I deleted Kaspersky, used CCleaner to clean the registry and then installed McAfee. Now the security center tells me that both Kaspersky and McAfee are protecting my computer and warns me of possible conflicts. I've read that the solution to this problem in XP is stopping WMI and then delete the repository folder in C:\Windows\system32\wbem. I tried the same in Vista but it doesn't work. It tells me that the repository folder can't be deleted because another program opened it. :angry: Any solution to this?


Thanks in advance.

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Thanks a lot for the links, hazelnut. I'll try the suggestions in there to see if they work. As for the Kaspersky removal tool, I've already tried it, but KIS is still listed in the security center so it definitely seems a bug in Vista. Thank you both.

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