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Product News - For July


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July will be a busy month! :)


We're looking at releasing the first public beta of CCleaner v2.0.

Which will be smaller, faster and USB portable.

It's a complete rewrite in C++ with no external dependencies.


Additionally a final release of Recuva will be out, so no more beta status.

This will be dramatically faster and more reliable.


And finally... a surprise new software title! Which we've been working on in a secret lab.

More details to follow soon...



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You have got to be kidding me! :D


Great news for sure! I will love to test CCleaner and hopefully I can find as many bugs as possible. Could we possibly get a few screenshots before the release is published? B)


Awesome to hear that Recuva is about to be released. I really find it a useful program and a great one to help people with their computers.


We'll see what Piriform has in store for use with this new product. So far, every product from Piriform has been very useful and very lightweight. I can't wait to hear what it is!

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Secret lab, hermetically sealed under a mountain in . . . :lol:


Thanks, looking forward to it.

The CCleaner SLIM version is always released a bit after any new version; when it is it will be HERE :-)

Pssssst: ... It isn't really a cloud. Its a bunch of big, giant servers.

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First of all thank you for the good work!


I look forward to test the CCleaner V2

and very curious what the new software is??!?

The internet is wonderfull, only the 90% of crap on it isn't!

I love CCleaner IPB Image

If you don't like me, don't look at me or speak with me!

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Wow...version 2! Sweetness. I like the possibility of USB portability. Although I already have a CCleaner PortableApp on my flash drive, it is nice to know that the newest version will be "official" and everything. Thanks for this amazing program. I look forward to the suprise software release. ^^

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I'm still waiting for :(!!!


Betatesting a life!


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